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Sales Representative

The Sales Representative (SR) is expected to provide at least 2 – 5 leads per month and should acquire a sale after TWO months or have 10-15 leads ready to go forward with a purchase of the product. Lastly, we want the SR to have fun, learn many sales techniques, and represent the company as if it were their own. Most importantly, self-education and positive thinking of self is crucial to the SR’s success!

100,000 units sold to one client would yield a net sale commission of $9,200. 50,000 units sold yields a $5,800 commission and 25,000 units sold yields a net commission of $3,400 etc. For recurring sales of the same quantity, the net sale delivers a 10% net commission in which 100,000 units yields $2,300; 50,000 units yields $1,450; 25,000 units yields a $850 commission on the net sale and so on.


Potential sales representatives must undergo an interview by a DYSBX chief officer and be able to clearly explain all aspects of the product as well as handle and fold the
product properly. 


SRs are encouraged to collect client satisfaction reports, wants and dislikes, as well as customer ideas for improving the product. We hope you are excited and eager to work
with DYSBX and help us create a better snacking experience for all events and arenas. As we grow, those SRs who get us to the next level will be first in line for hourly or salary positions (along with benefits) in the near future.


​As we are a start-up and growing company, we would like to layout the DYSBX Sales Representative requirements and commissions that the SR will need to follow and will receive:

  • Participants must pass a background check.

  • Participants must have a valid driver’s license along with a working vehicle for transportation.

  • There will be no salary or hourly wage paid to the SR. Instead, commissions will be paid based on the net sale produced. The base net percentage commission will start at 40% for all quantities sold and can increase due to the SR’s productivity.

  • Once a sale has been acquired by the SR, an initial 40% of the net profit will be paid to the SR 3-5 days after DYSBX has received payment from the client acquired by that
    particular SR. All recurring purchases from the SR’s client will result in a 10% commission of the net profit for that sale.

  • If an SR acquires a higher sale/increased product amount from a current client, the initial 40% of the net profit will again be distributed to the SR due to the increased client
    purchase. In accordance with the increased sale, all recurring sales will distribute a 10% commission on the net profit.

  • To reiterate on commissions, all SRs are subject to an increase in the percentage of commissions on net sales based on the amount of clients acquired or higher sales
    made. All commission increases will be determined by the DYSBX CEO or CFO.

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