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DYSBX is an innovative advertising solution that improves customers experience with carry out food at restaurants, food trucks, and events. Each box has up to eight advertising opportunities on it where advertisers can speak directly to their audience not only through display advertising, but through interactive social media contests which we run. We partner with our advertisers to make promotions easy and effective while stopping the epidemic of fast-food collateral damage!

About Us

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We take your advertising to new levels with our diverse strategies to ensure our clients see significant returns in their investment of our food boxes. Advertisers can buy as little as an eighth of a box to promote their business or buy out a whole box to acquire all customer traffic. Minimum order loads are quantities of 5,000 boxes. When you partner with DYSBX, we strategically place your ads in restaurant and food truck venues with high distribution of to-go meals accompanied by your advertising.


Along with strategic distribution, we have partnered with Marketing Empire Group who manages our social media content and contests where our client’s customers are directly marketed to. Customers of our distribution areas/businesses can win multiple prize offerings by submitting creative photos and videos of themselves using our boxes to our Instagram and Facebook platforms to further engage their connections in what DYSBX provides to the community and more importantly what our advertisers products and services are.

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How it works

With DYSBX, we help you make creative ads that work, help you define your market, and help discover your target audience. 

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Attract New


The sauce and drink tabs on the top of the box are great areas to place a company’s token or coupon. Customers can tear off the tab and bring it in to business establishments. Depending on the business, these tokens or coupons could take the form of a $500 gas card with the purchase of a new or used vehicle, 50% off oil change, 50% off two-night stay at a hotel or resort, buy one get one half off or free at a restaurant, or a discount on tickets to upcoming games, events, or movies.

What makes



Built with the consumer in mind

DYSBX can be used for here or to go!

Discounts & Rewards

Each DYSBX comes with coupons to help you support local business!


Raise awareness

Sponsor a run of boxes and introduce your business to thousands of neighbors!

Mindful of our ecosystem

DYSBX is reusable, recyclable, remarkably sturdy, and 100% biodegradable! 


Our Clients

Why businesses love 

We love DYSBX and believe it suits us well with its new measurements.  We've been utilizing our office staff to assemble and provide feedback as well. 


We tried the souvenir cups and simulated some weight trials. It is all positive and we are excited to use DYSBX for the new season."

Kelley Kuzia

Director of Concessions at Comerica Park

(Detroit Tigers Stadium)

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